Self-proclaimed Crochet/Knit Assassin! Creating your accessory vision, while providing superb customer service! All in the love of crafting!

As a stay at home mom and part-time preschool teacher, I’m very blessed and fortunate to be able to be a very hands on mom! However, anyone who has a family of 5 knows it’s extremely hard work and you're extremely busy! Between my children's school and extracurricular, teaching and NKB, the plate is pretty full! But I enjoy being busy creating knits and molding young minds! Once COVID happened I decided to go full time with NKB. 
I am a Bronx, NYC native, born, raised, bred and fed. I am proud of my New York City roots, because it’s taught me a certain kind of hustle, drive, and perseverance you will definitely develop being raised in the boroughs. After marriage and a family, we moved further upstate to Poughkeepsie NY, where we currently reside.
My Grandmother, (Love you Nanna!!) May she rest in peace, taught me how to crochet.  Also, I've watched her commit to her businesses, while taking care of her family well into their adulthood.  I learned to knit from my nursing teacher (shout out to Ms. Linda Parton, she was tough as nails  and commanded the attention necessary in a NYC high school. 

I’ve always been a crafty person since I can remember, so I decided, what can I do from home that I would love & enjoy while help to support my family. Hence, the creation of Nelly’s Knit Boutique:
Handmade chic and fashionable knits crafted to perfection!

I create chic and fun fashion accessories while providing excellent customer service! NKB's primary focus is your satisfaction and happiness with your purchase! Nelly’s Knit Boutique is more than just an online shop, it is the beginning of a brand, providing an experience, and building on my grandmother’s legacy as a businesswoman, following in her footsteps.

No request or questions is too small! I am more then happy to meet the customers needs! Again, our goal is to provide a chic and fashionable product while delivering excellent customer service. Your needs are our primary focus.

Nelly's Knit Boutique! Where Fun Fashions Thrive!

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