Has the sense of community been lost in these recent years? 

It's odd, to me, to go to a playground where if the children don't know each other they don't ask to play with one another. They ignore, side-eye and forget introducing themselves to play together. It has gotten too hard to communicate and even harder to find commonality. Is an Iphone or X-box really more interesting than jumping some double dutch, playing basketball or tossing around a football with the kids on the block? Long gone are the days of hand games, hop-scotch, and man hunt to the street lights meant get your butt home!  I have a few children on my cul- de- sac and my children are the only ones ever outside and yes many times that is forced.

I have to lead from the front many times, which means I'll go ride my bike. I've taught the kids hop scotch. We love playing kick ball but where are the neighborhood kids? Where is the community? Is it just this community in Spackenkill NY?

This past year and a half has been a hard struggle for many families finanically. Sadly, a number of people lost their businesses. I saw a news report of all of these fraudulant PPP loans taken out and the people who desperately needed them couldn't receive them. Unfortunately, many could not keep their businesses afloat and along with their business many lost their homes. 

The world literally stopped during the pandamic and had an eye opening awakening to the racial injustices of Black America.

I say be the change you wish to inspire. Be the change you wish to see! I am my brothers keeper! I am my sisters keeper!  

With that, my heart has always been infused in social action and service! I become a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta, Sorority, Incorporated because of it! 

During the beginning of this fall season, and every year forward, Nelly's Knit Boutique, LLC will make a donation to an elementary school in need of fall and winter wear! I am a proud graduate of the New York City Public school system. I made my way through PS 153, The Helen Keller School & MS 180, The Dr. Daniel Hale Williams School. Therefore, my preference would be to give to a New York City, Bronx elementary school in need of fall and winter wear!

Please make recommendations in the comments and/or who I can be in contact with in order to make my contribution to the school.

This is my act of community, this is my way to help those little ones, who may need to stay extra warm during those NYC winters, they are no joke! 

I hope you read this and it inspires you to remember, you are your sister/brother keeper!

When we replace "I" with "We" even "I"llness becomes "We"llness!


Nellys Knit Boutique